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Our Guest Speakers this morning were Pat Fornier & Shelly Pope of Shepard Meadows
Pat is on the President of board of directors of Shepard Meadows.  Previously she worked at the Bristol Hospital.   
Pat began as a volunteer and worked her way up at the Meadows.
Shelly Pope commutes from NY.  She had an interesting carrier and now  finds satisfaction in working for Shepard Meadows!
  • Did you know there are only 6 theraputic riding centers in CT – many may know of High Hopes
  • Began in 2005
  • Therapy of this kind began in Europe 
  • Did you know...horses are unique – they can read you – read your emotions – if you are non-verbal – you can communicate with them
  • This is a premier center – all instructors are certified
  • 8 horses at Shepard Meadows -2 new horses this year 2 retired
  • High cost in running center
  • Started program yesterday
  • Outside and covered ring
  • 100 volunteers at a time – 5 staff members – feeding and tending to heard
    • All are welcome to volunteer – muck – need more fundraiser volunteer
      •  planning a fundraiser lunch in the spring
      • April – fundraiser at firefly – Daniel Zaken – send flier out
      • Try to do fundraiser 1X per month
      • Dream to have arena enclosed
  • Must be 4 years old – majority 10 years old 

How long are sessions?  8 weeks in spring – 2 y week in summer – private and group lessons – mounted and unmounted – over 180 can’t ride but work one on one with an instructor.  Recently received a grant from Main Street Community Foundation for an 8 weeks class -  CT republic will come ride

What is the process to volunteer? fill out an application – come and work for a day


Positive comments:
Lee – Claudettes grandson is autistic - he tool part in the program 1 year ago and they have seen lasting changes - amazing!

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