A scholarship recipient is thankful,  welcome baby MacGregor + Farmers Market was HOT
Christopher was one of the 10 Karl J. Schwartz 2021 Scholarship Recipients.  
Christopher is grateful for the scholarship, "the big one"
The scholarship took off financial stress,  leaving him to focus on learning
At Uconn, he tried new things, met new friends, joined new clubs,  and found a way to volunteer
He love all classes and ended the year with a 3.94 GPA

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Farmers Market Update.  Thank you to Norm who clicked in 825 people, we believe he is the quickest clicker in the East! 
We picked up a few sponsors:  2 divisions of Crowley,  RV & Dodge Ram. 
In the coming weeks, they will have a truck, car, and golf cart on display.  Thank you to everyone that helped out.   
Reminder to Come down at 8:30 to set up (takes 4-6 people)
NEW verbiage for farmers' market: Would you like to be a member.  


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Please see attached Mini Golf Fun Day Sponsorship Opportunities - Please share with your friends and family

Happy / Sad Bucks laugh

Les, Attended Godspell at St. Paul HS  - Very talented group of students, Mark Mazzarella Revolutionary Youth Theatre + Mark Simpson choreography, have Dave is back

, Dave back, thank you to Jim for all work with the farmers market, Christophers talk reminded me of something,  Penn state, coed dorm,  name of future roommate...Jennette Thomas...Dales's father didn't know it was the last name first
Lee, Tamara visiting, BBGC members.
Claudette,  happy for dry weather
Jim, happy for Dave, Bristol Blues, make up Thursday
Mary, Dave is back, attending FCBL home run derby tonight (bees play in)
Whit - I believe Whit pays a fine last week for sitting away from our meeting!

Dave - happy to be back, thank you for well wishes, Bristol Blues, Ov, glad to see UConn alumni, stayed in Batterson dorm
John Cassidy,  Farmers market, 1st dibs on items, Bakery..strawberry rhubarb pie, happy to have Dave back
joke sad, last Thursday had to golf in BBGC tournament with  210 other golfers, Champions of Youth, delicious raw bar
Tamara, thankful she was asked to visit, Happy two big BBGC fundraisers are over 360 people Gala + 210 person golf tournament, 17 yr old son received D2 & 5 D3 LAX offers

Laura - watching cute dog this week - Jay  

Upcoming events/meetings
July 30, 2022 - District 7890 END POLIO night at Hartford Yard Goats 
August 2, 2022 - John Cassidy shares information
September 2022 - Mini Golf Tournament - more details to come - looking to sponsor - Contact Patti with any questions - 860-878-7172
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