Welcome President Peter + Mini Grant Day 3
On behalf of Pequabuck River Watershed Association Mary explained upcoming educational activities including Plainville HS + BEHS partnership in civil engineering for stormwater, a UCONN level class. 
Students will learn how to create a water base plan as well as visit best practices in our community.
On behalf of Shepard Meadows Equestrian Center, Inc., Emily shared updates on the facility, invited us to the September 17th fundraiser, and shared future plans for a 14-stall learning center + cute update on Elmer the mule.
Happy / Sad Bucks
Les- was in Kindergarten during WWII - the meaning of the pledge  has changed..civility, generosity...also was in Vietnam...during that time parents kept flag up all year - flag is now tattered and worn...we may have  despair  for this  country..but we will come out ahead
Whit told a story about a boy who came from Sierra Leon...No one had ever celebrated his birthday -
Boy adopted from Sierra Leone experiences his first birthday celebration ( he was amazed at going through the car wash..quick lesson on how much we take for granted
Judi Ann - Bristol Blues, Wednesday is 80s night, new departure,  Sunday BARC in the park, dogs + dog treats game is at 5:30
Peter - happy to start a new year, thank you to Angelique..difficult year - good to see support from the club..if something comes up - club supports
Patti, Peter 1st meeting,  Thursday New Departure night is sponsored by the museum collaborative
Les. Living in America
Whit, sudden passing of Art Ward..wake today O'Brian funeral home,  Speakers today, leaning about the equestrian, unless they know they don't know, wish Dave success with his back surgery
Lee, Shepard meadows,  family member who has had services there
Marc of Aroma Joe's, wife having a baby this month, happy to be getting involved with the Farmer's market
Mary, nice weekend on the boat,  saw submarine returning to sub-base, farmer's market this weekend, all pitching in, bought something from every vendor,  BARC 65th anniversary...BARC in the park,  closing of dads house this weekend
Olcott, happy for Peter taking over,
John, 4th of July,  inlaws over and survived possible political issues, more open-minded.  Happy for Pete. Angelique,  hope for Dave come back
Judi ann, sad for the passing of Art Ward. Stayed home this weekend, Top Gun last night, very good
Dale, happy to be here, uneventful weekend...90 year old mother's hip surgery, and windows replaced last week, apologize for not making it here
Mary -  happy for Mary to  talk about stormwater mgt, the math involved...what do we use this many calculations..into river faster..calculations that civil engineers need to learn
Laura, 14 people stayed over this weekend, welcome to Peter, and happy 16th Birthday to Brooke
Whit, Gerry got covid, medicine makes a difference
Mary Rydingsward. happy to have space at Environmental learning center and Barnes,  clearing out basement and garage
All are welcome to:

Upcoming events/meetings
July 26, 2022 - Jackie Majerus Collins will visit our club! Mark your calendar
July 11, 2022 - Scholarship Committee Meeting - location TBD
July 30, 2022 - District 7890 END POLIO night at Hartford Yard Goats - more info to come
September 2022 - Mini Golf Tournament - more details to come - looking to sponsor - Contact Patti with any questions - 860-878-7172
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