Farmers Mkt Update, Family Fun Event + Flower Sale
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Jim gave an update on the Farmer's market.  Norm the super clicker -  clicked in 650 people. 
We now have over 16,500 in sponsorship (a portion of that is from family fun day sponsorship)
This is a reminder to contact your donors, as Jim will re-send the letters this week. 
If you are the one donating - have a good talk with yourself (Dale's suggestion) wink
Judi, the flower/mum sale coming up - look out for a flyer coming to your inbox soon.  Prices: 8-10" pots $10,  3 for $25
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In the Getting to Know your fellow Rotarian Series - Let's Get to know more about Dale - also known as NA1L+ his HAM Radio Hobby + Morse Code

Dale gave us a bit of a HAM radio history.  He is a member of 2 publications (pictured above)
10w multi-band transceiver, much smaller now
Amateur radio, also known as ham radio, is the use of the radio frequency spectrum for purposes of non-commercial exchange of messages,
wireless experimentation, self-training, private recreation, radiosport, contesting, and emergency communication
Why do you do it?  no data plans, off the grid 
Dale is also skilled in Morse code at 20 words per minute Morse Code Message | Morse Code World
Morse code provides communication to the government  + Enhance International goodwill
How did Dale get involved with HAM radio?  His High School guidance counselor..
a person that shared information about HAM radio was called Elmer's, Bernie was Dales Elmer
Dale shared a few projects he has been a part of + his brush with the royal palace - a King thanked him for connecting him with astronaut Owen Garrett
HAM radio + morse code has given him many opportunities to travel
there are around 300,000 ham operators in USA
If you are interested in finding out more about HAM radio or Morse code contact Dale
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Bristol Rotary Family Fun Day - 
Please see attached Mini Golf Fun Day Sponsorship Opportunities - Please share with your friends and family

Happy / Sad Bucks laugh
Ken, thank you for sharing Dale 
Les, happy oldest granddaughter celebrated her 21st birthday, and gave her a treasured bracelet with hieroglyphics, happy to have
Charley. thank you Dale - (Happy birthday Charley)
Dave, Dale interesting! attended nephew's wedding in Portland ME, cleared to swing golf clubs, 
John. Dale, that was fun, thank you for supporting the beer and wine festival.
Rained out Fri, 1st time 30 years no kids in the house, took the wife out, a good burger at Hungry Bull, brisket pork & beef, BYOB,
also celebrated 32  anniversaries with wife
Mary, thank you Dale, brother ham radio operator, checked out a wedding venue, TPC in Cromwell 
Dale, good luck to Dave, happy birthday Charley + George 
Claudette- thank you, Dale, Happy Birthday Charley 
Peter, yesterday 11 years in the airforce, happy birthday Charly, the most interesting man in the room. Dale!
Thank you for helping at the farmers' market, Dave good luck on the golf course, 
Laura, thankful for Mark Brooks for helping fix AC unit that was hit by lightning

Upcoming events/meetings
September 3, 2022 - help set up 8:30 + stay to help if you can.  This weekend is the Trash to Treasure Furniture swap
September 6, 2022 -  Join us as the Club receives a citation from the city for 95 years of service!
September 2022 - Mini Golf Tournament - more details to come - looking to sponsor - Contact Patti with any questions - 860-878-7172
September 25, 2022 - March in Mum parade with BCHS Interactors
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