Posted by Laura A Watson on Aug 13, 2019

Dawn Nielsen, Marketing & Public Relations Specialist for the city of Bristol

    Dawn interviewed our club for an upcoming Bristol All Heart Blog!
    She has been interviewing Bristol citizens and we are thrilled that they want to Highlight Rotary Club of Bristol
    Some of the questions she asked:
    1. When did we start – May 1927: we are oldest
    2. How many members? 39 members 
    3. longest standing member - Woody  - joined November 19, 1959 (60 years)
    4. OV has the only  3rd generation Rotarian - Angelique 
    5. We sponsor Interact club at BCHS
    6. Give out Karl Swartz – we invest and give away – winners are chosen through Scholarship America
    7. SHE also told us about the popular Farmers market : Free electronic recycling taking things like air conditioners, humidifiers – partnered with take 2 recycling – bin in back of parking lot behind farmers market
    • We will present there Sept 7th – we could promote mini golf – new membership drive – promote fundraisers –
    • nice to see people haven’t seen in years –
    • visit Baker, 4-5 local farmers, selling products in season – now corn and peaches, ridge runner soap, West beef jerky – hand made –Real café – opening up coffee shop on school street – gives away free coffee – cold brew –sells beans you can grind yourself,